in my senior year of high school, i cofounded a startup called ureka. we solved the two biggest problems with the iphone (battery and gravity) with a sexy, durable rechargeable battery case. going through the startup experience, from exhibiting at the consumer electronics show and doing a kickstarter to coordinating product development with manufacturers and negotiating an acquisition, was ridiculously eye-opening. i've been diving deeper into the world of tech and entrepreneurship ever since.


some tech and entrepreneurship stuff i've been lucky to be part of since then: 

  • investing in and advising top student startups as a partner at dorm room fund.
  • took a next-gen web product from 0 to 1 as a product management intern at adobe.
  • founded and ran columbia's student-run startup accelerator. we've graduated 18 student startups that have collectively raised $4m+ in seed funding so far.
  • grew core, columbia's undergrad entrepreneurship club, from 800 to 4100 members as an executive board member and now senior advisor.
  • created pulse@cu, a "reddit for campus events at columbia" that grew to 3600+ users in a semester.
  • cowrote a guide on product development for adi devfest.
  • advised series-a funded startups on growth as an intern at growhack.
  • ran columbia's how to start a startup sessions in conjunction with y combinator's sam altman.
  • funded by a blackstone foundation grant to work on growth and biz dev for startups in the nation's first 3d printing startup accelerator.
  • helped launch a crm and grow kpi by more than 2x initial projections as a visiting fellow at hubspot.
  • created a series of demo days showcasing top student startups from columbia, harvard, penn, mit, princeton, brown, northeastern.
  • won a columbia ignition grant for a project that used 3d modeling/printing to preserve works of cultural significance.