a collection of software and hardware projects I've worked on.

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a functional prototype and a paper that contributes a new schema of accuracy to the current discussion about accuracy and the news. i come up with a model of design accuracy, examine various design accuracy problems with contemporary news homepages, and offer a potential solution in the form of a complete system redesign.



as part of an engineering lab, my team partnered with a data analytics startup to create an intelligent location recommender for small businesses. we conducted user research, pulled data from nyc open data, went through several design sprints and created a conversational interface that can guide anyone through the various filters they can apply to find the perfect location.



i could never find out when the a-listers came to campus, so some friends and i created a web app for columbia events. it aggregated events data from hundreds of disparate sources and ranked them based on user engagement. we grew this to 3600+ monthly active users, won a ccsc project grant, and were finalists in the columbia venture competition.



sculptures are 3d, yet have always been inadequately represented on 2d surfaces like pages and slides. chisl solves this with a library of interactive 3d models of art and related commentary that transforms a laptop into a museum. we created a proof-of-concept utilizing the sketchfab api and won a columbia ignition grant.


random art

in my spare time i like to tinker around with 3d models and 3d print them. i'm especially interested in the intersection between 3d printing/modeling and art. check out some of my 3d printed art here. these were based off of 3d models of real sculptures courtesy of cosmo wenman, which I then edited and optimized for 3d printing and printed.



in high school, i started a company that sold rechargeable battery cases for the iphone 4/4s. they were slimmer, more powerful, and arguably sexier than competing mophie products, for a fraction of the price. i coordinated product development with overseas manufacturers and ultimately ureka was eventually acquired by sicostyle.

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3d printed robotic bartender

based off of the bar mixvah and still in progress.