I really like building things. Especially when I have no idea how to build them. I'm somewhat similar to the master builders in the Lego Movie...if the masterbuilders didn't have arms, legs, or eyes. 

Currently, I'm working on Pulse, which is a Product Hunt for campus events.

Past projects have included EconMunch, 3D printers, and a robotic bartender. EconMunch is an economics data and opinion aggregation platform that counted economists at organizations such as the UN, Citi, The Economist, INET, Rethinking Economics, Columbia University, NYU, Cambridge University, and the University of Munich as users. I've also assembled multiple 3D printers, created a 3D printer from scratch, and used this 3D printer to print parts for a robotic bartender.


Photo: first 3D printer I assembled with a friend after pulling two all-nighters and drinking an inhuman amount of Starbucks black coffee