I've long been interested in entrepreneurship, which I consider to be one of the few avenues for exponential impact in a linear world. In senior year of high school, I cofounded Ureka, a rechargeable battery case company that later was acquired by a smartphone accessories manufacturer. 

I'm especially fascinated by how users determine which products succeed and fail, often counterintuitively. This past summer, I was a Visiting Fellow at HubSpot, where I worked on the growth team responsible for hypercharging the HubSpot CRM user base as it left beta. I've also helped startups with biz dev and growth at The Company Lab and interned at GrowHack, a startup growth consulting agency.

On campus, I've been heavily involved with the Columbia Organization of Rising Entrepreneurs (CORE) as an executive board member and senior advisor. In the past, I've organized CORE's finances as its CFO, and run initiatives such as the How to Start a Startup discussion seminars, CORE's 3D printing events and the CORE Product Challenge

Currently, I'm running Almaworks, Columbia's startup accelerator. Every semester, I lead a team of 10+ organizers and 25+ mentors in helping approximately 10 student startups grow. Our past cohort, which graduated in December 2015, has collectively raised more than $3m in seed funding and won competitions such as TechWeek NYC, The Pitch NYC, and Fast Pitch NYC. I'm also helping out and investing in top student startups as a Partner at Dorm Room Fund, a venture fund backed by First Round Capital. 


Photo: A Ureka Rechargeable Battery Case



Growing up in the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression got me interested in understanding the economy and impacting economic policy. In 8th grade, I started blogging about economics; I distinctly remember my stimulus plan recommendation was "give all the money to teenagers." Since I'm not a teen anymore, I no longer think it's a good solution.

I've dived deeper into the world of economics at Columbia. I was the Director of Economics for the Columbia Economics Society and a Managing Director at Lion Fund, where I led two teams in analyzing the effects of economic trends (among other factors) on specific equities.

Off campus, I helped found the International Student Initiative for Pluralism in Economics, an organization with dozens of chapters around the world that promotes pluralism in economics through workshops, seminars, conferences, and curriculum reform advocacy. I also helped organize the 2014 Rethinking Economics NYC conference, which drew in over 1000 participants, including Paul Krugman, Michael Sandel, Willem Buiter, Philip Mirowski, James Galbraith, Dean Baker, Deirdre McCloskey, and Steve Keen.

I also have written about the economy/finance and provided policy recommendations to address California's $765 billion 10-year infrastructure deficit


Photo: Some newspapers around the world that have covered Rethinking Economics and our recent open letter.

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I really like building things. Especially when I have no idea how to build them. I'm somewhat similar to the master builders in the Lego Movie...if the masterbuilders didn't have arms, legs, or eyes. 

Currently, I'm working on Pulse, which is a Product Hunt for campus events.

Past projects have included EconMunch, 3D printers, and a robotic bartender. EconMunch is an economics data and opinion aggregation platform that counted economists at organizations such as the UN, Citi, The Economist, INET, Rethinking Economics, Columbia University, NYU, Cambridge University, and the University of Munich as users. I've also assembled multiple 3D printers, created a 3D printer from scratch, and used this 3D printer to print parts for a robotic bartender.


Photo: first 3D printer I assembled with a friend after pulling two all-nighters and drinking an inhuman amount of Starbucks black coffee