growing up in the worst economic downturn since the great depression got me interested in understanding the economy. in 8th grade, i started blogging about economics; my first post was a stimulus plan recommendation to "give all the money to teenagers." since i'm not a teen anymore, i no longer think it's a good idea.


some cool econ/finance stuff i've been lucky to be part of: 

  • cofounded an economics student movement and grew it to 80+ chapters in 30 countries. check it out in the ftthe new yorker, and business insider.
  • created econmunch, an economics content platform that counted users from the united nations, citi, the economist, and inet.
  • ran columbia's undergraduate investment fund as a managing director.
  • organized a conference that drew 1100+ registrations  and attendees such as paul krugman, michael sandel, dean baker, steve keen, and james galbraith. krugman later threw shade at us in the new york times :(
  • built a comprehensive plan to tackle california's $765b infrastructure deficit as a member of the ces infrastructure action team. check out our plans, parts of which were later incorporated into legislative proposals and the state budget, here.
  • wrote award-winning articles for seeking alpha, the motley fool, and that have been syndicated onto cnbc, bloomberg, marketwatch, and thestreet.
  • helped run the columbia economics society as its director of economics.
  • beat the s&p by ~2700%.