I am currently a member of the California Economic Summit Infrastructure Team, a committee of business leaders, economists, and policy makers across the state providing concrete policy recommendations to the state legislature to address it's infrastructure problems, namely:

  • A $765 billion 10-year infrastructure deficit. 
  • Aging water infrastructure and drought emergency
  • Inadequate transportation infrastructure
  • Lack of a coordinated approach to plan and finance priority public infrastructure investment
  • Inadequate broadband infrastructure

Some of the contributions I've made to the committee include:

  • Supporting doubling the size of the pool of revenues the Infrastructure Financing Districts can tap, a measure later adopted by Governor Brown's proposed state budget
  • Advising the creation of a regional and local communications effort to inform the public about the need for infrastructure investment.
  • Supporting the lowering of the local vote threshold for infrastructure bonds to 55 percent that was later adopted by numerous cities.
  • Conducting outreach to community leaders in underserved communities such as Skid Row to ensure they have a measurable benefit from infrastructure investment.